Share Images and Footage of Off-Road Bikes

Published: 05 May 2023

Kent Police are urging members of the public to send in any images or footage of off-road bikes being ridden illegally.

As the weather improves over the coming months and reports of the use of illegal off-road bikes potentially increases, Kent Police are encouraging members of the public to submit footage and images as part of their intelligence gathering process, so that they can look to seize the vehicles and take appropriate action.

Over the coming months as the weather begins to pick up it is usual to see an increase in reports of antisocial behaviour committed by illegal off-road bikers who are a blight on our community and can represent a danger to pedestrians and other road users.

By submitting any images or videos to Kent Police such as from dash cam, phones or CCTV, they can begin to build an intelligence picture of where bikes are being used and who is using them, they can then look to take the appropriate action against the riders, including the seizure of the bikes involved.

Kent Police are continuing to carry out operations to tackle off-road and nuisance bikers and to seize these vehicles when they are used on roads or land illegally. Often the community have images and footage which could help with an intelligence picture and allow them to take action that can stop those who are causing misery amongst our communities.

Anyone with information regarding off-road bikes, where they are being stored or anyone using them illegally can report it at or go to Crimestoppers online at

Video footage and images can be shared via