Reporting Crime during COVID

Published: 19 May 2020

Kent Police publish crime statistics for the previous month by ward level and indicate these on a map of Boughton & Courtney Ward. You can see the map here: Top offences in Boughton & Courtenay Ward for May 2020. During May 2020 there were 10 allegations of theft related offences, 10 allegations of violence related offences and 6 of harrassment related offences. None of these 26 allegations of crime occurred in Selling.

Police attended three reports of nuisance vehicles at Perry Wood, which has been a consistent hot spot for anti-social behaviour during the COVID-19 crisis. The information from these calls by members of the public is invaluable in adding to the intelligence picture and in developing a comprehensive case of the anti-social behaviour in and around Perry Wood. It is vital that we continue to report each and every incident to Police and where possible provide photos and video of the activity of nuisance vehicles and bikes (motor and pedal).