Trusted Sources of Information

Published: 19 January 2021

The Parish Council are committed to making sure all Selling residents have timely and authoritative, trusted sources of information at this challenging time. The Coronavirus COVID-19 situation is fast-moving and there is still an increasing amount of misinformation online, including much on social media. In times of stress, such as the Coronavirus emergency, looking constantly at your Facebook, Instagram and other social media can cause anxiety, panic attacks and even symptoms of depression. It is easy to be overcome by the sheer amount of information and not check who is posting it and whether it is reliable.

We should all be using government advice to inform our decision making and be checking that advice regularly. The links below offer reliable, expert information from government sources and are updated regularly. The person on Facebook you have never met who is suddenly an expert in epidemiology is probably not someone you want to trust with your life.

Don't Feed The Beast is a short video clip from the Cabinet Office that sums up how to avoid being taken in by false or misleading social media.

To help the public spot false information about Coronavirus the government is running the SHARE checklist and Don’t Feed The Beast campaign. This gives the public five easy steps to follow to identify whether information may be misleading.