Recent Police speed check in Neames Forstal

Published: 24 December 2019

As part of continuing work on behalf of Selling residents to bring about improved road safety, the Parish Council asked Kent Police to hold a speed check exercise in Neames Forstal in December. We are taking an evidence based approach to our negotiation with KCC Highways and a recent Police speed check is an important factor.

The Police reported that there were no vehicles exceeding the speed limit, which in this part of Selling is of course the national speed limit (60 mph). This is a relief and corroborates previous speed checks at this location.  

Police taking part in the check advised that driver behaviour seemed to be the real issue. The combination of the multiple road junction at Selling Road / Neames Forstal / Crouch Lane / Station Approach, the residential area, close proximity of the rail station and Sondes Tea rooms with their proportionately high footfall crossing the roads, and parked vehicles makes this a hazard rich environment for drivers.

This is also very much in keeping with the observations and experience of local residents, who know that drivers are not choosing the appropriate speed for the road conditions. A local resident was the victim of a nasty personal injury accident here during 2019 and in November 2018 there was also a casualty from another personal injury accident at the same spot. Mercifully there have been relatively few personal injury accidents in Selling over the past five years* but one accident is one too many.

At the public Highways Meeting held in Selling Village Hall in early October, the Parish Council also undertook to complete a technical site visit with KCC Highways to examine the feasibility of a 30 mph revised speed limit or a 20 mph speed zone. Having established a way forward, changes in personnel at KCC have meant that the visit will now have to be in the new year 2020. Once we have further evidence and have agreed proper achievable options with KCC, we intend to hold another open meeting for residents. We will in the meantime keep the village informed here on our website and of course at Parish Council meetings.

* Source: KCC and, which uses official Police data