Selling's dangerous roads in winter

Published: 23 December 2019

Residents of Selling know only too well how dangerous it can be in winter just to get in and out of the village by road. Selling Road in particular has many notorious steep hills and tight bends such as those at Hogben Hill, Winding Hill and near j/w Featherbed Lane. These routes become extremely hazardous however much care drivers take. At December's Parish Council meeting we discussed the fears of local residents that there is insufficient gritting of our roads when icy conditions are expected.

KCC state that: "primary salting routes cover about 30% of roads in Kent. These include all A and B class roads, busy commuter routes and other roads that can become hazardous in frosty or icy conditions. If we are experiencing prolonged heavy frost, widespread ice or snow, we will consider salting another 15% of the road network. These are called secondary routes. These roads will be treated after the primary routes."

As you can see on the map below, the whole of Selling Road is currently on a KCC secondary gritting route. We resolved at the meeting to lobby KCC to update us to a primary route on the grounds that our roads always become hazardous in frosty or icy conditions or snow and therefore require gritting. We will post updates here on our website.